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Strategic Solutions for a Website and Online Shop

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Do you need professional <?php backend solutions ?> We can secure your online business and speed-up your website!

✓ Portal & Website builder

Mobile ready, Responsive Design, Fast loading pages, SEO on-page, Multilingual translation and SEO

✓ Flat file CMS ready

Using the ModernFitWeb solutions has led to rich digital experiences, all packed in fast loading website

✓ eCommerce

We deliver Shops with optimized performance, unlimited products administration and a lot of implemented best practices

✓ On-page SEO rich features

Tools to manage Meta Tags, support for Facebook Open Graph and Schema.org on the box, no matter how many languages has your website

✓ Mobile first approach

The design of website fits outstanding on smartphones, tablets, laptops and big Tv` screens without any additional costs

✓Analysis & Audits

We can help you to identify the problems of your current site and do an SEO On-Page content review

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